I made it to Firefox about:credits page!

This will sound extremely silly but I absolutely adore the about:credits page. This page lists the folks who have spent time of their life to make Firefox and Mozilla products better in some way. Many of them are volunteers and have contributed to Firefox’s success in their free time. There are perhaps as many motivations as there are contributors; some do it for fun, while others because they align with the Mozilla’s mission.

It won’t be an exaggeration to say I wanted to be on that page for a while. To be fair, desire doesn’t necessarily translate to regular contributions, which is why I didn’t make it to that page for the longest time. But getting employed by Mozilla helps, and after working on the Add-ons team for a little over a year, I applied to be on the page. And I was accepted!

If you’re using Firefox, type about:credits in your URL page and you will find me there, forever. For the non-Firefox users, you can directly navigate to https://www.mozilla.org/credits/

That’s really it. It was a bit showoff-y but I thought this achievement deserved a blog post. Thank you for reading!