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Happy new year all!

We’re finally out of 2020, yaay! It has been, for lack of a better word, an interesting year. Not intending on becoming Abhi News Network, I’ll spare you from having to read about the events of the past year for the thousandth time. Like many people, I realized my full nerd potential and learned how to live indoors for weeks at a time. I also unlocked a new hobby, Chess. Some other things like traveling and in-person events definitely took a backseat but can’t do much about that.

This short post is about moving this blog back to WordPress. I say back, but the fact is that this website was never on WordPress. I started this blog on back in early 2014, but had to quickly move it away from there in spite of absolutely loving Ghost (mostly because of the $5/month fees). Next up was Blogger before finally settling on GitHub Pages which, by the way, if you’re just starting out with blogging and can find your way around git on a terminal, you should give a try. Now, feeling the need for a much more elaborate CMS, I’ve migrated to WordPress running on AWS Lightsail. It does cost money, but this time I can afford it.

Before this blog existed, I used to write on WordPress on an older blog. That feels like an eternity ago, which it was in internet time. I used to write about latest smartphones and compare them against each other (nothing that actually needed to be done by hand, now that I think about it; 8mp vs 5mp camera, 1gb vs 2gb ram and so on). I would walk into Samsung stores and try to make ‘hands-on’ videos of their latest phones. I can’t imagine doing that today, mostly because of how much the smartphone industry has expanded since 2012-13. Also because it doesn’t interest me anymore.

With WordPress, I hope to be able to write on the go using nothing more than just a browser. “On the go” might take some more time to become a normal everyday phrase again, but when that happens, I’ll be ready with my Thinkpad and a backpack. To not need a text editor to write Markdown/HTML, terminal to commit and push, and to see previews without a developer server would be very liberating. I’m excited about this future.

I’ll end this article with a nice picture I took today. Hope you enjoy looking at it as much as I did looking at Stitch in my house today.

Thank you for reading!

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