Logitech G305 Gaming Mouse Review

I was looking for an ergonomic mouse for my workstation upgrade (this mouse is one of the many things I’m adding to my work/hobby setup) and stumbled upon a lot of expensive gaming mice with RGB, scroll wheel and other fancy stuff. But I wanted none of that, just a mouse that’s good to hold, wireless but not Bluetooth, and is fairly accurate with a couple of extra buttons that can be customized to custom actions. I stumbled upon G305 from Logitech which had their premium HERO sensor with 12,000 DPI and good battery life. It has good reviews on Youtube and Amazon DE and was fairly cheap at EUR 43.

Initial impressions and build

In a nice little box, we find the mouse itself along with colorful paperwork, a Logitech sticker, USB-A extension and a Duracell AA battery. The mouse had the USB receiver inside it. After inserting the battery into the mouse, it does become a bit heavy. I like how solid it feels, but apparently more weight is bad when it comes to gaming mice. I’ve been away from both, gaming and physical mice for about 7 years now, so it was good to know, and is something to consider if you’re actually going to game with it.


Another thing to note is that many gaming mice, even the ones half the price of this (albeit from no-name brands), come with RGB lighting. This one doesn’t but that’s not a problem for me.

Pointer speed toggle

There’s a button right behind the scroll wheel that changes the speed of the mouse pointer speed. It has four levels, and each level has a different colored LED indicator that lights up when it is toggled. Pretty sleek and handy.

Utility buttons

There are two utility buttons on the side which don’t do anything by default on Ubuntu (they did navigate to the next/previous tab in Chromium by default though). I used xev to find their button codes and then xbindkeys to bind them to toggle previous/next workspace in Ubuntu with the following

# in .xbindkeysrc
"xdotool set_desktop --relative -- -1"

"xdotool set_desktop --relative 1"

Install xdotool if you don’t have it already.

In closing

I am really enjoying this mouse, and have no problems so far. It is nice to have the Thinkpad clit mouse when typing/working and using the mouse when casually surfing the web (like browsing Youtube). I’ll post a little review of the new keyboard soon and if you’d like to know when I do, you might want to subscribe to the RSS feeds of my blog.