So we’re making it a thing now? 6th Anniversary Of Blog

I wrote a blog birthday blog post last year, and the year before that and for whatever reason, one after the first year but none in between. So I think we can really say I’m making this a thing going forward. But that’s okay, as there’s something happening around this time every year. This year our senses are clogged by the news from the pandemic going on around the world which I touched upon a bit back in April.

Compared to April, things are much better right now here in Germany. We can go out and meet friends, eat at restaurants and shop for our favourite stuff. Life’s slowly getting back to normal, although there’s still that element of fear of catching the virus. Things aren’t as good in India, so it is anyone’s guess when I get to visit home next ‍♂️

As for my blog, this year wasn’t super active apart from a few posts and some cosmetic changes to the template. An interesting moment was a blog post getting featured in RealPython‘s newsletter! I’m quite proud of that.

I want to move the blog away from Jekyll, maybe to something Python based. Don’t get me wrong. I love Jekyll on Github Pages, but it is just too straightforward with rarely any problems to fix. I want something that’d break, allowing me to fix things and learn. But all of that is still to happen. Hopefully I find a stretch of time to finally make the move to a different blogging platform in the near future.

As for the rest of the year, I plan on making my workstation a little better, so expect small tech gear reviews here and there from the purchases I make. You can also expect more on Python programming and infosec as that’s on the agenda. So yeah, that’s it for this blog birthday celebration on a slow lazy Sunday afternoon. Cheers, I’ll see you in the next one.

Thank you for reading!

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