The Worst By Moxie

It is no secret that I’m a huge fan of this guy. For my first snippet, I’d like to put down a few quotes from one of my favorite articles of his.

Often, I browse shopping sites like Amazon for no reason, looking at exotic gadgets and accessories, convincing myself I need them. Slowly, I am convinced and they end up in my cart, staring back at me. During such an impulse, I open this particular article and give it a read. It helps cure that temporary surge of materialism. I highly recommend you read “The Worst” by Moxie Marlinspike.

…an emphasis on the consumption of material goods can easily translate into a life of generalized consumption. A whole language can start to develop around not just the consumption of goods, but the consumption of experience: “We did Prague.” “We did Barcelona.”

“The best moments of my life, I never want to live again.”

…no matter how much research they do, a partisan of the best might not ever know as much about motorcycles as the partisan of the worst who takes a series of hare-brained cross-country motorcycle trips on a bike that barely runs, and ends up learning a ton about how to fix their constantly breaking bike along the way.

The basic premise of the worst is that both ideas and material possessions should be tools that serve us, rather than things we live in service to. When that relationship with material possessions is inverted, such that we end up living in service to them, the result is consumerism. When that relationship with ideas is inverted, the result is ideology or religion.

Thank you for reading!

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