Sixth Semester And Then

I intended to write this long ago, at least a month ago. But then, I am doing it now. Even now, to be honest, I am writing this to just to save my per-month-an-article-streak. So here I am, sixth semester and then.

Semester 6, especially the end of it was too much fun. For one, my friend Aditya had returned, two, I got an interesting mentorship under which I had started to learn data science, and then, the exams were really good. Then there was Project Lumos, something to look forward to after the exams. All set. But life took a sharp turn, when on May 25th, I was offered an internship at Fourthlion by Rahul sir, my mentor for the data science learning. It was a shock, a good one, and I replied in affirmative after talking to my parents, friends and my project lumos buddies.

The next two days came and went like anything. Bought a couple of new tshirts and other essential things. Got the room set for the next two months, got flight ticket and I was all ready to launch. It was very, very exciting. I have not travelled a lot, and going to a new city, like Delhi, in an aeroplane for the very first time was a dream, coming true. I left on 29th, reached my room at 8 in the evening. It was all good.

The next one month proved to be one of the best of my life. I have enjoyed a lot, learnt a lot, interacted with people a lot, made a lot of new friends, and built some really cool products. I just couldn’t have thought all of this when I was in my hometown.

I am exactly one month into this internship, and one more to go. I am looking forward to more fun, more work and more amazing people to meet in this one. Also, I will publish all that I have written for myself in this month here, because there are a lot of things worth sharing, good and bad experiences, differences between working in a startup and in college and many more. Countless. Thank you for reading!