The October Dance With Some Cool Indians

I really took long to write this story. I didn’t feel like it was anything worth the time or the efforts to write one. But I really felt something recently. I got called up by a passed out senior from my college. He wanted me to work on a project he initiated. Although the project was fine, I didn’t actually have the time to do it. I said ‘No, I don’t think I would be able to make it’.

I never responded in negative with people who came to me with any tasks. That is the way I was. I just wanted to get all the experience I could, no matter how inconvenient it was for me. Mom always said, ‘but you must see if you are free before accepting some work’, I would be like, ‘Chill, I am learning’. I continued that way, because maybe, I never actually had to sacrifice anything for this ‘extra work’.

This was to change on 30th September this year. I got a call from a senior at night at around 10. He asked if I was willing to do web development for a company, and those guys were willing to pay too. I replied with a yes, after which I was asked to visit their office the next day, some 80KMs from my house. I even went there, to learn something about the task and quickly went on to make a rough skeleton. Pretty easy it was.

I came home and started working towards the final layouts as shown in the PSD file that I was given, extracting layers and cropping graphics, linking them in the one page application. Things were not as neat as it was expected from us, me and my design partner, Rajashree. The backend was finalized by 3rd October, my birthday. I didn’t enjoy or celebrate a single second on that day, even though I had relatives arrived at my house. It was really stressful time. I was still trying to finish things up by 5th, working from 8am in the morning to 1-2am at night, constantly receiving calls from the guys to improvise, make changes and add features.

By 6th, I was done. Those were really stressful 5 days. I hadn’t looked at myself in those days properly. I had submissions and exams coming up, and I wasn’t a cent prepared. And it was not just about me, I had Rajashree taking up equal or in fact, even more efforts, facing similar situations. Finally, I gave up. Mailed them that I couldn’t keep up any longer. We did not get paid, and that can either be justified or not depending on how you see it. Anyways, it was a great experience.

From a technical perspective, I didn’t learn much. But somewhere I learnt what to value. Myself and my time. It is pointless to try to do everything. You just can’t. No one can. A much better approach would be to give 100% to the few things that matter the most. This was a lesson for a lifetime. Now it is just me and the things that matter. Cheers!

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