You Are Insignificant

I have a lot to write at this point, so much that I am not even sure where to start. Humans are such wonderful creatures, we make things happen, world spin, or at least believe it to be that way. We have a self-imagined feeling of superiority. We are desperate to feel important, to feel blessed, to feel we have some purpose in life, and no one has to right to point at the way you walk on the face of this planet. We humans are so vulnerable.

Life goes up and down all the time, with just about everyone. We all have bad times, spend some days talking about it, and then everything gets back to normal. Now the interesting part comes when you have a logical mind. I judge myself and the decisions I take. It just turned out, when you’re sad, it is not that the day is a little too gloomy, or that the trees are all looking down, or that the world is a little too quite. It is just that you’re sad. That’s it. Done. No one, other that your little brain in there, feels a damn thing. The world is a pretty large place. The Universe, a little larger. You, me, we are too small. No one cares about you, or your thoughts, let alone the Universe as a whole. You only matter if you can make money, and that is very temporary, only applicable on earth. So basically, you are worth a rock floating in space, even less.

I see people crying over little things, things so little that it almost feels a shame to cry over. You can’t ask people to live according to you, of course not. What you can really ask is to show a little respect to the 3.5 billion years of evolution, that they are at the front of right now. Life wasn’t easy. From the hot geysers, to the half dozen catastrophic disasters that shock everything on our little planet. Life made it through them, and for every specie that you see today, at least 1000 have perished, and then you tell me that this guy is trying to ignore you and you are feeling left out. Come on people, don’t be that weak. We are a race that has been here from quite some time. The end might be near somewhere, in the next 100 or 1000 years, if we stop thinking about our individual existence and our special place in this Universe we might make it out to a few thousand years. And unless we move to some other world before that, there is not much probability that we can save us from ourselves. World would completely reset itself, and your current values would be deep buried inside some fossils down the surface. The sun would expand into a red super giant and eat up the earth’s atmosphere. Our galaxy Milky Way would collide with it’s sister galaxy Andromeda. Artistic fiery show of stars and nebulas it would be, for some other civilization far way just opening their eyes to the Universe. The sun would soon die, and there would only be darkness after that, for eternity. No one, yes, NO ONE, would ever know how much you struggled when you existed for those 60 years in that entire 11 billion years of solar system’s history.

So shall we begin the discussion about your life’s struggles now?