I wrote it in my first post, why I choose ghost over anything else. Yes, Ghost is beautiful and content focused. If you are interested in pure content and not much bells and whistles, then Ghost is for you. It is free and open source, which makes it hard for a guy like me to resist using. Plus, one of my favorite blogs, Jeff Atwood’s CodingHorror has also migrated to Ghost which got to have some reason, since that is one of the most popular blog on the internet.

But then, if you still haven’t noticed it yet, I have moved blogger, something I am not too happy about. Why? Simply because paying $5 a month is something I cannot afford to. Ghost is great, but $5 per month isn’t. And since free hosting services do not host Node.js stuff, the only other solution would have been to move the blog to a VPS, which is again, costly.

Blogger was not my first encounter with websites or blogs. My first blog, or website as I used to call it then, was on Webs which is a free site builder sort of site. I was not professional and I didn’t know shit about websites back then. My first serious site was based on Joomla. Joomla was awesome, and so was Drupal which I used after that, before finally settling on WordPress due to the simplicity and ease of use.

But this is a blog and not a website. No one needs a wide array of options and powerful user management system for a blog. All they need is good editor and file uploading facility. The fewer the options, the more you can focus on writing better content and lesser on updating plugins and blog software stuff.

So that is it, on why I switched. I am really looking forward to some freelancing which will earn me some pocket money, that I can utilize for my Ghost blog dream. Any other college student will know exactly how I feel 😉